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Little Yellow Bicycle has taken the best of what you love with their Love Letters Collection. It’s a lavish collection of saturated pinks, reds, greys (the new go-to neutral) that’s sprinkled with just the right amount of velvet and clear accents. There are vintage inspired details that have a modern sensible approach. Are you looking for a Contemporary or Romantic collection? Well the Love Letters Collection is both. Not only can you document those romantic events, you can showcase everyday moments with this collection. Check out the clear shapes and frames, velvet accents, decorative edged papers, epoxy, stamps and more…It’s all here!  You will love every day with Little Yellow Bicycle!!

Here’s just a few of the projects I created with these “lovely” products: Continued at A Cherry On Top.


Here’s a quick, little Valentine’s Day gift I made for my mom.  Instead of just sending a photo for her to hang on the refrigerator, I altered a magnetic frame. The reds from the Love Letters Collection added great contrast to our photo that a lot of black in it. As a finishing touch, I added some bling and a flower on the outside of the frame to give it some extra pizzazz. 


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“Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?”  This is a line from the song Colors of the Wind from the Disney movie Pocahontas.  I’ve always loved this line; it makes me think of all the color possibilities in nature and how the eye sees those colors in different light and circumstances.  Colors can evoke feelings, soothe the soul, or awaken the body.  We all have favorite colors, ones we turn to time and again.  We’re also drawn to colors by our moods.  From light to dark, vivid to subdued, our world is full of colors, and we each have our own perception of the colors we see.

Of course color is huge in the scrapbooking world.  We pick papers to match photos, because they are a favorite color, or they represent a certain theme.  But as you’re scrapping, take time to really look at different colors.  Don’t always go for your old standbys.  Different colors, intensities and styles can add life to your pages and convey feelings or suggest a story without words.  From bright to subdued, look for colors that add to the story you’re trying to convey with your scrapbook page.  Don’t be afraid to try to new colors and play with them to see how they can instantly change the feel of your page.

As I was looking for different colors to help me tell my stories on my scrapbook pages, I found these wonderfully colorful Rouge de Garance lines from Sandylion.  During these past few winter months I’ve found I been yearning for bright, bold colors.  I wanted colors that reminded me of spring, gave me a warm feeling, and relaxed me like a day at the beach.  I found all of this with papers from Rouge de Garance.   Continued at A Cherry On Top.




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I’m so honored; I made it to the final round of ‘Dream You’re A ScrapStar’ at Scrapbook Dreamer.  Our final layout was due this morning.  Journaling was a big component in this round and it took me awhile to get the story I had in my head out and onto paper.  I am happy with the results.  Once again our DreamWeaver designed an awesome challenge.  I’ll post my final layout in a couple days.  The winner of ‘Dream You’re A ScrapStar’  should be announced on Monday, October 20th.  All the final layouts are fantastic; I don’t envy the Design Team’s job of choosing a winner.   

I wanted to share my round 4 creation with you now.  I just love how this turned out.  It was so much fun creating on an acrylic background.  The items I used were: acrylic / transparent background, thickers, rhinestones, scallops, and distressing.  We also had to use the following quote on our design: ‘You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.’
C.S. Lewis. 
As you can see the quote was the inspiration for my design. 

close-up details # 1

close-up details # 1

close-up details # 2

close-up details # 2

Thanks for stopping by.  I’ve got several projects in work so be sure to check back often.  There will be some holiday projects posted too.

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Wow! I made the next cut for ‘Dream You’re A ScrapStar’ at Scrapbook Dreamer and I’m moving onto round 4.  There’s only 2 more rounds left and the competition is intense.  So many great ideas and designs.  Here’s my layout from round 3.  This is my favorite layout so far.  The items I used were: grungeboard, Kaiser Craft paper, staples, black background cardstock, and hand doodling.  We also had to use a non-scrapbook item.  The item I used was a piece of cardboard box that I tore apart.

I doodled the white scallops around the circle of Kaiser Craft paper and inked the chipboard letters, grungeboard, and piece of cardboard box with fluid chalk.  I love the look of the grungeboard here.

This is my hubby, our best friends, and I crammed inside a photo booth at an arcade. I have a fondness for photo booths so everyone piled in so I could get some photos.

Tomorrow I’ll work on round 4 entry. I have some ideas in mind and can’t wait to get going on my project.  Wish me luck in this next round.

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