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Little Yellow Bicycle has taken the best of what you love with their Love Letters Collection. It’s a lavish collection of saturated pinks, reds, greys (the new go-to neutral) that’s sprinkled with just the right amount of velvet and clear accents. There are vintage inspired details that have a modern sensible approach. Are you looking for a Contemporary or Romantic collection? Well the Love Letters Collection is both. Not only can you document those romantic events, you can showcase everyday moments with this collection. Check out the clear shapes and frames, velvet accents, decorative edged papers, epoxy, stamps and more…It’s all here!  You will love every day with Little Yellow Bicycle!!

Here’s just a few of the projects I created with these “lovely” products: Continued at A Cherry On Top.


Here’s a quick, little Valentine’s Day gift I made for my mom.  Instead of just sending a photo for her to hang on the refrigerator, I altered a magnetic frame. The reds from the Love Letters Collection added great contrast to our photo that a lot of black in it. As a finishing touch, I added some bling and a flower on the outside of the frame to give it some extra pizzazz. 


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What’s your obsession?  Is it a food, a game, an activity?  Our obsessions change over time.  What we obsess about now is different than what we obsessed about as a teenager.  Document an obsession, old or new.  Here I’ve documented my obsession with getting healthy.  After years of trying, I finally found that weight training is the key to getting lean, strong, and healthy.


This year I made the commitment to get healthy. But unlike my previous attempts, I focused more on my type of workouts and not just restricting calories. I added weight training to my workout routine. The results have been amazing. I haven’t just lost weight; I’m reshaping my body. I love the definition and the strength, and as I progress I find it isn’t a “have to” anymore, it’s a “want to.” To become strong, lean and healthy…is my obsession. ~ 2008

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